3 Simple Ways to Use Mindfulness Every Day

Have you ever noticed your day flying without anything going quite the way you thought it would? Or maybe you get to the end of a long week and find yourself feeling really tired, frustrated, or unhappy and having no idea why? So many of us go through periods of...


Emotional Avoidance, Intelligence, and Acceptance

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you don’t even know what or how you’re feeling? Or maybe you just feel numb. Or could it be that you’ve gotten really good at acting out your emotions (lashing out angrily, spending your day fearfully preparing for worst-case...


What is Anxiety (and how should I feel about it)?

First off, Anxiety is normal. It’s a normal automatic reaction to stressors in our environment. Anxiety is not inherently bad. Its uncomfortable, it sometimes gets in the way. And because of the stigma around mental health, we’re led to think of anxiety as a bad...