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How to Make the 3-Month Dating Rule Work For You

"Is it serious?" These three little words can make anyone in a new relationship take a (serious) pause. Many of us were taught that romantic relationships should be light and easy — when you're with the right person, you just know. Yet, it's common and normal to...

5 Essential Elements of a Great Online Dating Profile

Swipe right if you agree that online dating can feel overwhelming at times. If you've spent time in the apps, you know the stress over swiping and dating profile curation — and that's before you've expended any energy on a match with a real connection. Even in just...

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Ask Yourself These 6 Questions After Your Third Date

Dating is hard. Sometimes you're swept off your feet. Other times you're underwhelmed. And occasionally, you have no idea what's next. There can be a lot of uncertainty, frustration, and even fear while dating. If you're dating to find a long-term partner, you're...

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