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Repairing Your Sexual Disconnection: A Group For Couples

It’s natural for the intimate connection in a long-term relationship to ebb and flow, but what happens when it wanes for an extended period? These “dry spells” are not uncommon, particularly after significant life events like marriage, the arrival of a first child, or other life altering event. Alongside the cycles of sexual disconnection, you might find yourself bickering more frequently or feeling a growing emotional distance. Questions about whether your partner still finds you attractive may linger, despite their reassurances, and concerns about reclaiming the passion you once had can start to weigh on you.

Fortunately, there are actionable steps you can take to reconnect with your partner and reignite the intimacy in your relationship. Join Liz Mallers, Sexologist, during this 4-week couples group where you and your partner will explore how to enhance your intimacy. This empowering program offers a comprehensive curriculum that delves into the core aspects of sexuality, aimed at reigniting your passion and connection.


What you and your partner will accomplish:

  1. Explore and break down barriers to reach your maximum pleasure potential.
  2. Challenge societal norms that influence your personal beliefs and behavior.
  3. Recognize variations in sexual drives and libidos and learn effective strategies for navigating these differences within your relationship.
  4. Examine factors that lead to a decline in sexual satisfaction.
  5. Work collaboratively to communicate your needs and desires.

Liz, a trained Sexual Wellness Specialist, aims to create a safe, inclusive environment where you can feel comfortable. Register today to find your way back to intimacy and connection with your partner.

We are offering virtual groups (log in from anywhere). These psychoeducational groups are open for those who are willing to learn and discuss these vulnerable topics. 


WHEN – Eastern Time Zone
Virtual Couples Group: Thursdays at 6pm-7:30pm EST, next group starts March 7, 2024

*Virtual group is limited to 5 couples. Participants must commit to the full 4-week program.

Virtually via Zoom

$75 per couple, per session, for a total investment of $300

Payment in full is required at the time of registration.



Interested in attending a group? Please complete the following form and we’ll be in touch within 2-business days. 

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