Individual Therapy
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We offer individual therapy support for residents of North and South Carolina online, and in-person in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our specialty is collaborating with couples therapists to help individuals in the relationship with issues such as infidelity, forgiveness, trauma from a betrayal, developing healthy sexuality, discovering attachment styles, and expressing needs. We also offer support for Anxiety and Depression Relief, Addiction Recovery Support, Relationship Prep, and Trauma Healing.

Specialized Support

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Anxiety & Depression Relief

We help people alleviate their symptoms of depression and anxiety, freeing up energy to connect with themselves and others in deeper and more meaningful ways. Learn More

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Addiction & Recovery Support

We use a combination of science-based models to help decrease the symptoms of addiction and support people in their recovery. We also link people to higher levels of care (residential treatment, intensive outpatient) or additional supports (group work, medication), when appropriate. Learn More

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Relationship Prep

Being single is a great opportunity to prepare for being in the next relationship and to improve existing relationships with friends and family. We help people take those steps through tailored personality assessments, recommendations, and ongoing support. Learn More

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Trauma Healing

Trauma can significantly impact your mental, emotional, and physical health. At In Session Psych, we help individuals process and heal from trauma using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) and other evidence-based therapies. We specialize in helping individuals recover from betrayal trauma and rebuild healthy relationships.. Learn More

Let's Work Together

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