Relationship Prep

This service is designed for those individuals who are interested in relationship-oriented self-improvement. Our individual therapy service offers you several measures to determine your strengths and growth areas and you will receive recommendations based on these results.

You could benefit from this service if you would like to work on:

  • perpetual dating, not finding “the one”
  • dealing with a partner who is not ready for therapy, but where you are still wanting to improve the relationship or weighing the pros and cons of ending the relationship
  • you just got out of a relationship and want to reflect on lessons learned that can contribute to the health of a future relationship

Part of your individual therapy sessions may include the following assessments:

Adult Attachment Interview 

This measure will help us identify your attachment style and gain a better since of how your early family of origin experiences impact your current relationships.

The Big 5 Personality Profile

Since individual personality traits significantly impact dynamics in a relationship, you will complete this inventory to highlight your traits that may enhance your relationships and traits that may take additional effort to navigate. Click here for a sample report.

We’re here to help you bring out your best self, gain clarity on your life’s purpose, and help you plan your next steps toward more personal and relational fulfillment.

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