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You Deserve Self-Care. Here Are 5 Free Activities to Try

Whether you're part of a busy family, full up at work, or have days packed with all sorts of responsibilities, it can feel tough to practice self-care regularly. Yet, as soon as you prioritize even a few minutes each day to check in with yourself, you decide what...

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Why Boundaries are the Solution to People-Pleasing

You've likely heard the term boundaries, but there needs to be clarity when practicing boundaries. Is a boundary just telling people no? Should you cut off someone when they hurt you? Is a boundary selfish? Do you ever bend your boundaries for others? Does a...

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5 Self-Care Practices for Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout

Are you feeling stressed? Or anxious? How about burned out? Counseling Today recently dedicated an article to differentiating those three terms, and it’s no surprise, considering the circumstances. You’ve probably been affected by at least one of the above, thanks...

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