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4 Mindful Steps to Ease Your Return to Work Transition

Stuff the backpacks, sharpen the pencils, and charge the laptops — it's officially back-to-school season. And while kids of all ages head back to the classroom, stay-at-home parents are about to get some time back. If you stayed home with your little ones until...

The Best Resources to Build Your Self-Confidence

Welcome to our Therapist Resource Roundup. Each quarter, we share a list of resources focused on a different theme our therapists often work through with clients. Every roundup will feature books, articles, videos, and podcasts that our therapists recommend for the...

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How Embodiment Can Help You Love Your Body

Most of us know that we should love our body. We should speak more kindly to it. We should nourish our body with three nutritious meals a day. We've been told to shut down body shame every time it rears its ugly head as we step in front of the mirror. But loving...

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5 Reasons Why You’re Stuck in a Toxic Relationship

My client sits on the couch across from me with a pained expression. She and her partner just had another fight where his anger scared and belittled her. When this situation happened not long ago, she promised herself she would leave if it ever happened again. But...

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