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You Had an Affair, Here are 6 Ways to Move Forward

In the aftermath of the discovery of an affair, there is a whirlwind of emotion, confusion, trauma, and pain. What can often get lost is that there are two distinct and valid experiences happening during this whirlwind, not just the experience of the betrayed...

Scheduled your first therapy session? Here’s how to prepare

You’ve researched and reached out, maybe called and contemplated, but you’ve officially scheduled your first therapy session, now what? We’ve outlined four things you should think through before your first therapy session.  How does your therapist make you feel? A...

Conscious Dating: From Swiping Right to Dating Right

When people date unconsciously, they often cycle through relationship after relationship and never really find what they’re looking for. We’ve put together some tips for how to begin new patterns of dating consciously and intentionally, where you are as connected to yourself as you are to your partner.